We're always on the hunt for new bloggers and social medium influencers to work with. 
How to apply:
1. Youtube Collaboration please contact and introduce yourself to info@curvepretty.com .
     Instagram and Blog collaboration please contact and introduce yourself to info@curvepretty.com .
     (P.S. Please tell us your social links when contact us. Thank you.)
2. Curvepretty.com will support you with one or several dresses in our site totally for FREE if we think you are eligible through your E-mail.
3. Please take photos of the clothing through your network within 7 days once you receive them, and publish them through your network. In the blog an anchor text referring to https://curvepretty.com/ should be contained and claim the item is offered by Curvepretty.com. 
4. Send us E-mail to let us know how it's going and let's keep in touch.
Please keep in mind the high volume of queries we receive from bloggers and influencers means that we will only be in contact if there is an opportunity to collaborate with you.

5. Curvepretty reserves the right to use the content of your posts.

We may collect photos of your posts and related comments.

At times, we may use the content on Facebook or our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.